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VirtuoSIS Flavors: Professional vs. Starter
Posted by Commend Support on 10 April 2017 07:03 PM


VirtuoSIS Flavors

VirtuoSIS is now available in two different flavors. Here are some comparisons:

VirtuoSIS Professional VirtuoSIS Starter
Base License
  • L-SIS32-PRO
Virtual Slots
  • 14 Subscriber / Interface
    (per SIS Instance)
  • 4 Subscriber
  • 2 Interface
SIS Instances
  • 10 (per VirtuoSIS)
  • 1 (per VirtuoSIS)
Max Stations
  • 1,120 (IoIP or SIP)
  • 32 (if all IoIP)
  • 24 (if all SIP)
Upgrade to Pro

  • L-SIS32-UPG
Ideal Size
  • Medium to Large Systems
  • Small Systems
  • Expandable Later
Additional Notes
  • Both still require SIS-DONGLES and/or IoIP Stations for licensing
  • Starter: one slot must be dedicated to IoIP for DONGLES. Therefore, only 3 slots are left for an all SIP solution.
  • Both Professional and Starter are fully capable functionality wise

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SIP Firmware 3.8 Released
Posted by Commend Support on 27 February 2017 06:22 PM

SIP Logo 

SIP Firmware 3.8 Released

We are proud to announce the release of SIP firmware 3.8!

Feature Highlights
  • Full IPv6 Support (including DHCPv6)
  • EAP-TLS for 802.1X
  • Enhanced Background Noise Cancellation (now 36dB instead of 11dB)
  • HTTP POST (e.g. to remotely control WS-TFT display or interface with ComPLC)
  • SNMP Traps via UDP Informs (Secured way to send Traps)
  • All Sequences can be triggered via HTTP
  • Call hangup via HTTP
  • Other Enhancements
  • Bug fixes
Affected Products

All SIP-DSP900B product families including:

  • SIP-WS Series
  • SIP-ET Series
  • SIP-ES Series
  • SIP-USM Series
  • Hybrid Series (ET9XXH and ES9XXH)
Required Licenses

No licenses are required!

Where Available

  • A valid login is required
  • If you do not have a login you can request one by clicking SIGN IN at the top right
How to Update
  1. Download and Extract the firmware to your computer.
  2. In the Web GUI of the SIP Intercom go to System / System Settings (menu).
  3. Click 'Browse' under firmware update and point to the file. Click 'Update'.

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Commend USA Technical Support FAQ
Posted by Commend Support on 24 February 2017 09:12 PM

Commend Logo

Commend USA Technical Support FAQ
An overview / reminder about the resources that are available to you:



Latest News

  • Where:
  • What:
    • Knowledgebase: Contains many commonly asked questions and issues
    • Troubleshooter: Guided step-by-step programming
    • Latest News: Software Releases, Product Updates, etc.
  • Required: Registered Login
    • If you do not have a login click Register at the top
    • If you have forgotten your login click lost password and enter your email address
    • If after login you do not see "Knowledgebase" at the top email to get your account upgraded
    • Please note that this login account will not work for our main website




  • Where: (cLibrary / Software and Documentation)
  • What: Manuals, Datasheets, and Software
  • Required: Registered Login
    • If you do not have a login click SIGN IN at the top and then SIGN UP
    • If you have forgotten your login click Forgot your password?. You will receive a password reset email.
    • All registrations must be approved by management. This is usually done within an hour or so.
    • If you do not get the password reset email after 5 minutes then your account does not have an email address on file.
    • Contact support to resolve any account issues
    • If you need immediate access contact support for a temporary login
    • Please note that this login account will not work for our support website
Training Videos
  • Where: (Company / Training)
  • What: Video course of about 45+ videos covering basics, SIP, ComWIN, VirtuoSIS, etc.
  • Required: Registered Login
    • Please note that a temporary login will not have access to these videos
Chat Bot
Email Support
  • Where:
  • Required: Configuration files (when applicable) and a detailed description of the issue
Live Phone Support
  • Where: +1 (201) 529-2425 x72
  • Required: Certification
    • Certification is obtained by completing one of our physical 3-day training classes
    • The latest training schedule is available at (Company / Training)
  • Non-Certified Techs: May purchase live phone support by sending in a Purchase Order
  • Please have your certification number ready when you call. Optionally, we can look it up for you.

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CCT800 6.1 Firmware / Software Update (1-24-17)
Posted by Commend Support on 25 January 2017 02:11 AM

Update available: PRO800 Software Package 6.1 (1-24-17)

Software Packages

We are pleased to announce an update of the PRO800 Software Package 6.1

Your new software package is available via cLibrary or download at

  • CCT 800: Idle time at LAN/WAN connections now displayed correctly via drop down selection
    Existing Intercom Systems already using CCT800 6.1 should be reviewed concerning "Idle time" found under Project/Network/IP-Connections. Before this fix a value of 8 really meant 30 minutes. This is the default setting unless you have specifically changed it.
  • CCT 800: Output cards now displayed correctly if special characters are used for description/naming
  • CCT 800: Subscriber with Cyrillic characters at description/display text now functional again
  • CCT 800: Hexadecimal call numbers can be used now in dialog “Add Control Desk...”
  • CCT 800: Up to 8 digit call numbers can be entered now in dialog “Add Control Desk...”
  • CCT 800: Display of license key symbols now handled correctly when using Intercom Client Licence
  • CCT 800: Configuration of bonding now functional again
  • CCT 800: Configuration of direct dialing buttons for subscribers using feature level C now possible
  • CCT 800: Level switching of Conductor now displayed correctly
  • CCT 800: Video switcher at data interfaces now displayed correctly
  • ComLOG: ICX messages (TASK 5B) now displayed correctly
  • IPStadionConfig: Set Factory Default (Reset) in combination with password now fully functional again
  • PRO 800: DTMF after dialing at G8-IAX card now functional
Known Issues:
  • VirtuoSIS: Restrictions for solutions with large numbers of SIP clients (e.g.: All Calls/group calls are not fully supported)

PRO800 Software Package
Release 2017-01-24

  • CCT800 Version 6.1 B1011
  • PRO800 Version 6.1 B6
  • VirtuoSIS Version 6.1.5

For more details on improvements and bug fixes please have a look at the related release notes.

Software and Release Notes are already published via cLibrary and website.

Download Software Packages at cLibrary Online

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Intercom Client for Windows 1.1.3
Posted by Commend Support on 29 December 2016 03:09 AM
Intercom Client for Windows (ICfW) v1.1.3