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Hybrid Station Information
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 29 December 2015 12:52 AM

Hybrid Station Information

Hybrid Intercom Stations combine IoIP and SIP technology into one station. This is designated by the H revision at the end of the model number. For example the ET962A and SIP-ET962A became the ET962H. Going forward new projects will contain hybrid products when available.

Hybrid Intercom Stations can only be in one mode at a time. So you must pick if it will function as SIP or IoIP by choosing the Bootmode. All hybrid intercoms are in SIP mode by default. To switch the mode you must use the IPStationConfig software that comes with CCT800. This requires automatic discovery by layer 2 networking.

Technology Comparison:

Intercom Server or VoIP Server Required (like CUCM) Intercom Server required
Initial IP configuration by IPStationConfig. All other SIP configuration by web interface All configuration by IPStationConfig and CCT800
Up to 7kHz Audio Quality Up to 16kHz Audio Quality
Dynamic background noise suppression virtually eliminates all ambient noise N/A
Loudspeaker/microphone surveillance – ensures the availability of the Intercom station while reducing the need for manual verification of its functionality
N/A Audio monitoring – fully automated emergency calls triggered by defined noise levels for more security
Peer2Peer Audio – reduces network and server load to ensure efficient use of resources
N/A Audio recording and lip synchronous audio/video recording of conversations for documentation and evidence keeping purposes
Audio recording and lip synchronous audio/video recording of conversations for documentation and evidence keeping purposes
N/A Speech activity detection senses when calls are finished
(no microphone signal) and terminates the connection automatically
N/A Simplex mode for applications requiring controlled communication e.g. for security solutions based on the “push-to-talk/release-to-listen” method
OpenDuplex® for natural, hands-free communication
N/A IVC (Intelligent Volume Control) automatically adjusts the
device’s volume setting to the ambient noise level
N/A Public address functions
Output control by DTMF or URL Output control by any connected Intercom or Interface.
Pre-recorded Audio Storage Pre-recorded Audio by connected Intercom Server


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Online Video Adacemy
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 25 December 2015 01:46 AM
Training Logo

We are please to announce that our Online Video Academy has been expanded.

Over 35 videos are now available covering many software packages and setup examples.

To access these videos:

  1. Browse to
  2. Login with your username/password from a Training Class
  3. Click on the Video Academy tab

Please note that the temporary account does not give Academy access.


The following topics are available:


  • Chapter 1
    • Cards
    • Analog
    • Digital
    • IP
    • Initializing
  • Chapter 2
    • CCT800 installation
    • Connection by Serial
    • Connection by IP
  • Chapter 3
    • Setup Overview
    • Naming
    • Licenses
    • Call Transfers/Divert
    • Door Vending/Opening
    • IP Station Configuration
    • GTEL Interface Programming


  • Basic Setup
  • Door Vending/Opening
  • Custom Ringing
  • Firmware Downloading


  • Installation
  • Basic Setup


  • Overview
  • ICX Interface
  • Program Installation
  • First Time Setup
  • New Project Creation

Intercom Client

  • CCT Setup
  • Windows Version Setup
  • iOS Version Setup


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CCT800 5.1 Software Package Released
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 21 November 2015 06:14 AM

We are pleased to announce the release of the new PRO800 Software Package 5.1

This new software package is available for download at
This site will require a login which is your username/password from a training class. Temporary passwords can be created upon request.

Software Packages Logo

WHY you need version 5.1:

The following new features are implemented:

  • Configuration changes without restart: Various configuration changes can be applied without a restart.

  • Restart of Intercom Server when convenient: In case of an active condition like "Call" or "Call request" a time window can be set until a restart is performed.

  • VirtuoSIS/IS300: Subscriber licenses can now be assigned manually to a client

  • VirtuoSIS: Web URL for downloading configuration backup

  • VirtuoSIS: Compatibility with Microsoft Hyper-V R2

  • Permanent menu display in idle state: Additional possibilities like the selection of Functions, Favourites + Functions

  • Live video menu for stations: Live video menu can now individually be enabled

  • DSP900A/B: Line-In audio signal is put out at internal loudspeaker and in parallel on EP connector (on/off via ICX-message).

Features available with upgrade license (Pro5):

  • VirtuoSIS: Line monitoring for SIP-T trunks

  • VirtuoSIS: Radio conferences (6T) accessible for SIP-C stations

  • VOX support for RTP recording via IP-card: RTP transmission will only be enabled if audio data is transmitted, works with Gx-IP card (not at VirtuoSIS, IP32, IS300)

  • PRO800/CCT800: Intercom Client for Android now can be licenced with two monitors

  • PRO800/CCT800: Intercom Client for Android now up to 96 direct dialling buttons


  • IP32: Support of iOS Intercom Client

  • EX200: Added extended handset functionality for EX200

  • IP Station Config: Verification of correct firmware at download

  •  ...

Improvements available with upgrade license:

  • PRO800/CCT800/IP8/IF/LAN/WAN/NET/DSP900A/DSP900B: Support of the GARP protocol to avoid duplicate IP addresses

For more details please refer to the related release notes.

Download Software Packages on Website

PRO800 Software Package

Release 2015-12-02

  • CCT800 Version 5.1
  • PRO800 Version 5.1A
  • VirtuoSIS Version 5.1.1
  • IP Version 6.3
  • NET/LAN Version 6.6A
  • IP32 Version 6.2
  • SUB Version 4.3
  • IF (Generation 2) Version 2.7
  • TEL Version 2.0
  • IAX Version 1.6

available via cLibrary or website

VirtuoSIS Templates for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft

Release 2015-12-02

  • VirtuoSIS_5.1.1.ova

available via website

Terminals Software Package

Release 2015-12-02

  • AF-D Version 1.7
  • AF-I Version 5.7
  • DSP800A Version 3.0
  • DSP800B Version 2.2
  • DSP900A Version 6.1B
  • DSP900B Version 6.1B
  • WS-CM Version 1.4
  • WS-TM Version 1.6
  • ET901 (Generation 2) Version 4.2

available via cLibrary or website

Related documents (Manuals)

Release 2015-12-02

  • PRO 800 5.1
  • PRO 800 New Features 5.1
  • ICX Protocol 5.1
  • VirtuoSIS-CCT 800 Config 5.1
  • VirtuoSIS-Installation 5.1
  • VirtuoSIS datasheet
  • Compatibility List GE800-GE300-IS300-V17-1115
  • PRO800 Software Package (Release Notes)
  • Terminals Software Package (Release Notes)

available via cLibrary or website


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Expanded Support Team
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 05 November 2015 10:22 PM

We at Commend USA are pleased to be able to inform you that we have increased the size of our support team. We have brought on board two new hires. It took only a few weeks to bring them up to speed so we appreciate your patience while this took place. However, they have already had a positive impact on our support effectiveness.

We look forward to providing you with efficient and excellent technical support!

Technical Director:

 Tim Profile
Timothy Kensell

Senior Technician:

Matt Profile
Matthew Kambic


 Leo Profile
Leonardo Gonzalez

Junior Technicians:

Oscar Profile
Oscar Salscedo

Devon Profile
Devon Alston

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Website Re-Launch
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 05 November 2015 08:58 PM

In the last couple of months our web developers worked tirelessly behind the scenes on our new website to include state-of-the-art technology. This lead us to an incredible result! Today, we are especially proud to welcome you to our brand new and groundbreaking website!

This is the result of hard work and an outstanding dedication from the whole marketing team. Our aim was not only to showcase a website but moreover a helpful tool which provide a seamless experience and will amaze our customers!

The new website will provide simple user navigation and plenty features with helpful information about Commend and our incredible world of technology.

Out with the old, in with the new!

  • Use of latest Technologies like the responsive framework to adapt to every screen size (desktop and mobile)
  • Google Site Search for a even better search experience
  • Latest Typo3 CMS version 6 for improved security and availability
  • Digital Asset Management as single source for cLibrary and cLibrary Online will also make the switch to the new format some time in the future. Keep in mind that a login for is different than the login for

Let us know what you think!

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