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Commend USA Support Team
Posted by Commend Support on 09 November 2017 06:11 AM
Commend USA Support Team

Tim KensellMatthew KambicOscar SalcedoMaciej Nowakowski

Here to help your technical support needs:
  • +1 (201) 529-2425 x72 (Only available to certified technicians)



Our support hours are from Monday - Friday 8am EST until 7pm EST

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Teamviewer Remote Support
Posted by Commend Support on 03 November 2017 06:04 PM
Teamviewer Remote Support Update

Teamviewer Logo

We are pleased to offer Teamviewer 12 remote assistance support to all of our customers.



  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android


to Get

With Teamviewer remote support we are able to share your screen. This helps us provide much better remote assistance. Teamviewer also allows transferring of files (like firmware), remote screen recording, and even voice communication.

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Update: Pro800 Firmware 7.0 / CCT800 7.0
Posted by Commend Support on 08 June 2017 07:26 PM

Update available: PRO800 Software Package 7.0

Software Packages

We are pleased to announce an update of the PRO800 Software Package 7.0

Your new software package is available via cLibrary or download at

New Features / Improvements:


  • Initial Release
  • New Intercom Server S6 (with VirtuoSIS on-board)
  • No Key Subscribers required


  • Improved interaction between VirtuoSIS and CCT800 via enhanced offline configuration
  • New state of the art Linux distribution Debian 8, 64-Bit
  • New “2B” subscriber licenses for IoIP and SIP (ex. L-SIS-IP-2B or L-SIS-SIP-2B)
  • New L-SIS-SIP-8A licenses for simple SIP solutions (Feature level A)
  • Coordinated backup and restore functionality for VirtuoSIS (by cis-ctl command)
  • Initial setup simplified, hyper-visor/platform detected automatically
  • Hostname can be configured at initial setup
  • Door opener function used with SIP-C subscribers using a relay contact at a networked Intercom Server (e.g. to GE 800) now supported


  • New feature to forward a conversation to a private subscriber (e.g. TEL4 cards)
  • Changeover from conversation to Open Duplex® conference
  • Speech recording of Open Duplex® conferences via RTP
  • Further configuration changes without restart
  • ARP table update is now refreshed via unicast instead of broadcast to avoid unnecessary network traffic


  • Configuration for extended subscribers are now all in one place at “Station properties -> IP-Terminals”
  • Import/export of multiple playlists significantly improved (within one step), for simple transfer of playlists to other Intercom systems
  • Used character set for CCT800 and VirtuoSIS is stored in CCT file now (allows SIP Client passwords to contain special characters)
  • SIP trunks default setting “Insecure” changed to “port + invite”


  • ET901 (Gen2): Offline indication unified, now same behavior like EE900A


  • IPv6 scan for VirtuoSIS 7.0 or higher to establish connection if host IP address is missing
  • Show first-boot script before connecting if VirtuoSIS has not been initialized to run initial setup
  • Log files are now included in backup
  • DSP800A/DSP900A/DSP900B/IoIP-Device: Better display of Hebrew characters
  • DSP900A/DSP900B/IoIP-Device: Group Call with feed-back protection (“04x”) now uses same volume as Group Call (“01x”)
  • CCT800: Dialog “determine SIS key subscribers” does not show offline key subscribers twice
  • CCT800: Time-triggered commands field “data” is filled in now correctly (falsely “00” was added)
  • CCT800: License key symbol no longer displayed incorrectly at EE380/EE380A when using higher software version
  • CCT800: Extended subscribers can now be assigned to a SIP-C or SIP-T client
  • CCT800: Determine SIS key subscribers at network delay up to 400 ms now possible
  • CCT800: ICX message to send DTMF tone via SIP-T now functional
  • CCT800: Additional devices are now correctly displayed in the CCT 800 tree for each device it is assigned to
  • CCT800 6.1+: Will start now even Intel Management GUI is present
  • CCT800 6.1+: Configure functions at attendant contacts - tab “Call no. / Function” now functional again
Known Issues:
  • VirtuoSIS: Restrictions for solutions with large numbers of SIP clients (max 112 parallel All Calls, Group Calls, or Conferences)
  • CCT800: Synchronization not completed message displayed at license administration dialog even though synchronization already carried out. Please ignore this error and click “yes”. Check license in the column “status”.

PRO800 Software Package
Release 2017-06-07

  • CCT800 Version 7.0 Build 1002
  • VirtuoSIS Version 7.0.0
  • PRO800 Version 6.2
  • NET/LAN Version 7.0A
  • IP Version 6.6
  • IF (Generation 2) Version 3.2
  • VirtuoBRO Version 2.0

VirtuoSIS Template
Release 2017-06-07

  • VirtuoSIS_7.0.0.ova

Terminal Software Package
Release 2017-06-06

  • DSP800A Version 3.2
  • DSP900A Version 6.4
  • DSP900B Version 6.4
  • IoIP-Device Version 7.1
  • ET901 (Generation 2) Version 4.5


  • ComPLC 3.0.12


  • New Features-VirtuoSIS 7.0
  • Intercom Server Configuration 7.0
  • ICX Protocol 7.0
  • VirtuoSIS Setup Guide
  • VirtuoSIS datasheet
  • VirtuoSIS sales checklist
  • Compatibility List GE800-GE300-IS300-V20-0617

For more details on improvements and bug fixes please have a look at the related release notes.

Software and Release Notes are already published via cLibrary and website.

Download Software Packages at cLibrary Online

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License Server Updated
Posted by Commend Support on 31 May 2017 01:45 AM

License Key Logo

License Server Update

Recently, the main license server in Austria was updated. This was needed to make preparations for a new generation of Intercom. This change affected license synchronization for CLLS based products.

CLLS Changes:
  • Old versions can no longer connect to the Central License Server!
  • Update existing CLLS installations to again Synchronize changes
  • Before upgrade note the Host ID as found in the CLLS. Then when installing new CLLS make sure to choose the same Host ID!
ComSTUDIO Changes:
  • Functionality is unaffected as long as no features are added/removed
  • Affected versions: 16.0 and 16.1
  • When upgrading CLLS also update ComSTUDIO so that they stay at compatible versions
  • Latest ComSTUDIO version: 17.0

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VirtuoSIS Flavors: Professional vs. Starter
Posted by Commend Support on 10 April 2017 07:03 PM


VirtuoSIS Flavors

VirtuoSIS is now available in two different flavors. Here are some comparisons:

VirtuoSIS Professional VirtuoSIS Starter
Base License
  • L-SIS32-PRO
Virtual Slots
  • 14 Subscriber / Interface
    (per SIS Instance)
  • 4 Subscriber
  • 2 Interface
SIS Instances
  • 10 (per VirtuoSIS)
  • 1 (per VirtuoSIS)
Max Stations
  • 1,120 (IoIP or SIP)
  • 32 (if all IoIP)
  • 24 (if all SIP)
Upgrade to Pro

  • L-SIS32-UPG
Ideal Size
  • Medium to Large Systems
  • Small Systems
  • Expandable Later
Additional Notes
  • Both still require SIS-DONGLES and/or IoIP Stations for licensing
  • Starter: one slot must be dedicated to IoIP for DONGLES. Therefore, only 3 slots are left for an all SIP solution.
  • Both Professional and Starter are fully capable functionality wise

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