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ComWIM to ComSTUDIO Migration FAQ
Posted by Commend Support on 01 September 2016 01:51 AM

ComWIN to ComSTUDIO Migration FAQ

ComSTUDIO is the newest version of Commend's Multi-Purpose Software Package. For customers with existing ComWIN, ComREPORTER, ComSCHEDULER, ComRECORDER, and ComVIDEO the following will try to help answer some of the commonly asked questions.

Product Name
  • Entire Package is now called ComSTUDIO
  • Components inside the package are still referred to by the same names: ComWIN, ComREPORTER, ComVIDEO, ComRECORDER, and ComSCHEDULER
Version History
  • ComWIN v5 (old)
  • ComWIN 1.x (Roughly 2012)
  • ComWIN 2.x (Roughly 2013)
  • ComWIN 3.x (Roughly 2014)
  • ComWIN 4.x (Roughly 2015)
  • ComSTUDIO v16 (2016)
Version Numbering
  • Previous to ComSTUDIO the latest version was formerly ComWIN 4.x.
  • The first version of ComSTUDIO is v16 (so technically ComSTUDIO could be thought of as "ComWIN 5.x").
  • The version will now correspond to the current year's last two digits.
License Delivery ComWIN 4.x
  • By paper copy (before 5/29/16)
  • By email in electronic Certificate (after 5/29/16)
  • By email in electronic Certificate (see previous new article for more information)
ComWIN 4.x
  • L-LicenseName
  • Locked Levels of ComWIN: Light, Workstation, Network
  • Activated in Intercom Server's Configuration by CCT800 Software
  • Format: L-WINXY (where X = Level and Y = Version)
  • Example: L-WINN3 (comWIN Network version3)
  • E-LicenseName
  • No more Levels / Flexible Expansion
  • Activated in CLLS Software running on Windows Machine (Can be same machine as ComSTUDIO)
  • Format: E-WIN-BASE-ABCXX (where A = Type, B = Class, C = Metric, and XX = Version)
    • Type
      • Client (Client installation for example)
      • Server (Server installation for example)
    • Classification
      • Perpetual (never expire)
      • Time based (for 1 month for example)
    • Metric
      • Floating (one connection at a time from anyone/anywhere)
      • Named user (for example user Bob can connect with any number of connections logged in as him)
      • Device locked (to a MAC address for example so only that one device)
  • Example: E-WIN-CPF16 (comWIN with one Client Perpetually existing and Floating connection)
Demonstration ComWIN 4.x
  • Installation of software without any licenses runs for 60 minutes before it stops working. Can be restarted to get another 60 min.
  • TEMP 30-day licenses possible to active one time only in physical Intercom Server
  • TEMP licenses not possible in VirtuoSIS
  • Installation of software requires licenses for any use
  • Temporary E-Licenses possible for 30-day evaluation
  • Temporary licenses obtained at any time by simply logging into and clicking to request them. They are emailed almost immediately to the email address associated with the account logged in with
  • Demonstration of ComSTUDIO with VirtuoSIS and physical Intercom Servers possible
Structure Changes ComWIN 4.x
  • ComWIN licensed per connection/seat
  • ComVIDEO licensed per connection/seat (starting with ComWIN 2.x)
  • ComREPORTER licensed once for entire software
  • ComRECORDER licensed once for entire software
  • ComSCHEDULER license once for entire software
  • ComWIN licensed per connection/seat
  • ComVIDEO licensed per connection/seat
  • ComREPORTER licensed per connection/seat
  • ComRECORDER licensed per connection/seat
  • ComSCHEDULER licensed per connection/seat
Upgrading ComWIN X to Y
Ex. ComWIN 3.x to ComWIN 4.x
  • L-WINXYU (where X = Level, Y = Version, and U is for Upgrade)
  • Each Upgrade is priced 33% the cost of a Full Version License
  • ComRPT, ComVID, ComREC, ComSCH unaffected and are still usable
  • Skipping versions not possible
ComWIN X to ComSTUDIO v16
  • No upgrade license possible; old L-Licenses not compatible with new E-Licenses
  • Contact your local Commend sales manager for E-Licenses at possible reduced "upgrade" costs.
Migration Database
  • Previous Project databases from any ComWIN version can be migrated to ComSTUDIO
  • Certain restrictions apply. See manual for details.
License Equivalents Old License New License Equivalent
L-WINN (2 Clients with 1000 Data Points)

E-WIN-BASE-SPD (1 Client with 100 Data Points)
E-WIN-CPF (1 Client)
2x E-WIN-DP5-SPD (500 Data Points each)

L-COMWIN-C (1 Client)

E-WIN-CPF (1 Client)

L-WINVC (1 Client)

E-VID-CPF (1 Client)

L-COMVID (2 Clients)

2x E-VID-CPF (1 Client each)

L-COMVID-32 (1 Client)

E-VID-CPF (1 Client)

L-COMVID-16 (1 Client)

E-VID-CPF (1 Client)

L-COMRPT (Not Client Based; Any Number of Clients)

E-RPT-CPF (1 Client; So might need more of these)

L-COMREC (Not Client Based; Any Number of Clients)

E-REC-CPF (1 Client; So might need more of these)

L-COMSCH (Not Client Based; Any Number of Clients)

E-SCH-CPF (1 Client; So might need more of these)

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New License System Live! - FAQ
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 28 June 2016 10:46 PM
New License System is now Live!

License Certificate
License Types
  • Pro800 type licenses
  • Designated by starting with L-
  • Show up on E-Certificate as Red Box "PRO800"
  • Electronic type licenses
  • Designated by starting with E-
  • Show up on E-Certificate as Blue Box "E"
License Delivery
  • Paper Copy that arrives physically with equipment or emailed on special request.
  • Email delivery only.
  • It will be forwarded to the email address that your company setup with us for this purpose.
License Certificate
  • Not Available
  • Single code that contains all individual licenses
  • Unpacks at time of activation to lists all licenses contained
  • Actual E-License Certificate pictured above
Pro800 License Activation
  • In CCT800 enter each license code one at a time
  • Drag each license down into your Intercom Server
  • Activate
  • In email find Certificate Code and enter this into website to obtain .LIC file
  • Use this file to load all licenses into CCT800
  • Drag each license down in to your Intercom Server
  • Activate


  • Each license code will also be listed on E-Certificate
  • Use these codes in exactly the same manner as before.
E-License Activation
  • Not Available
  • Install Commend Local License Server (CLLS)
  • Enter E-Certificate
  • Activate
OFFLINE Activation
  • Yes, by this website here
  • Pro800 Licenses: Yes, by this website here
  • E-Licenses: Yes
Products Offered
  • All previous products
  • Pro800 Licenses: All previous products
  • E-Licenses Today: ComSTUDIO Software (formerly ComWIN)
  • E-Licenses Future: All previous products
Temporary / Evaluation Licenses
  • Only available for hardware servers (GE300/GE800/IS300)
  • Expire after 30-days
  • Only possible to use each individual TEMP license once
  • Activated from CCT800
  • Pro800 Licenses: Same as before
  • E-Licenses: Must log into and click the request button at the bottom of the landing page
  • License website is spelled with two "c":

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New Support System: Salesforce
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 02 June 2016 08:53 PM
Salesforce Powered Support System

SalesForce Logo

We are pleased to announce a recent change to how we power our support system. With this new support system we should be able to better serve you! We ask for your patience as we migrate from our old system to our new one.
  • Linking of Support Cases to Purchase Orders / Invoices

  • Better case escalation and tracking
Changes   Before After
Powered By:
Numbering: Ticket: ABC-123-12345 Case ID: 00012345
New Case Creation: and: Only below:

Phone: (201) 529-2425 x72

Historical Case Viewing:



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CCT800 Software / Pro800 Firmware 6.0 Released
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 01 June 2016 10:44 PM

Update available: PRO800 Software Package 6.0

Software Packages

We are pleased to announce an update of the PRO800 Software Package 6.0

Your new software package is available via cLibrary or download at

New Features:
  • VirtuoSIS: TCP as transport protocol for SIP-C/SIP-T (e.g. Trunk connection to Microsoft Lync)
  • CCT800/VirtuoSIS: Early Media support for incoming calls to replay audio (SIP-C, SIP-T)
  • VirtuoSIS: All Calls / Group calls available for SIP phones (SIP-C)
  • VirtuoSIS: New Design Web-Monitor
  • VirtuoSIS: Line Monitoring for SIS-Dongle
  • CCT800: Sorting functionality for individual and F2 menus
  • CCT800: Simplified output assignment sorted per server and card
  • CCT800: Support of new EX7000 series
  • CCT800: Support of new AF125/250 series
  • CCT800/VirtuoSIS: VOX control for RTP recording (IP card only)
  • CCT800/PRO800: Individual time zones per Intercom station
  • CCT800/PRO800: Ground fault monitoring for AF series
  • PRO800/IP/IF/LAN/NET: Address Conflict Detection (ACD)
  • PRO800/ComLOG: Onboard logging (system events / ICX events)
  • PRO800: Timestamp for re-call requests
  • PRO800: New ICX messages
  • PRO800: New operation mode for direct dialing buttons (announcement as long as button is pressed or toggle mode via ICX message)
  • PRO800: Pre-recorded audio message for parked calls
  • PRO800: Even more configuration changes without server-restart
  • PRO800: Phonebook view for WS800 station
  • DSP800A/DSP800B/DSP900A/DSP900B/AF-D/AF-I: IVC at Simplex Talk
  • DSP800A/DSP800B/DSP900A/DSP900B/AF-D/AF-I: Improvement of acoustic echo canceller for high ambient noise
  • CCT800: Show card IP address in interface dialog
  • CCT800: License info via additional column for certain dialogs
  • CCT800: New layout for most used dialogs such as Send, Receive, Firmware Download, ...
  • CCT800/PRO800: Optimized, more reliable pre-recorded audio download
  • PRO800: Taking snapshot via WS-CM now functional in combination with group ringing
  • PRO800/IP/IF/NET: Subnet boundaries are validated before replying to a ping
  • PRO800/IP/NET/IF/IAX/IP32: Changed TTL value to 128 in IP header
  • VirtuoSIS: New cis-ctl command to show IP settings in Linux shell
  • VirtuoSIS: No more need to install VMware tools on initial setup (open-vm-tools included in ova)
  • VirtuoSIS: Increase call duration in expiring and setup mode to 30 seconds
  • VirtuoSIS: “Fix DTMF After-dial mode” for SIP-T in auto-dialer mode now available
  • CCT800: Allocation of C-L-IF-PELCO now possible at VirtuoSIS
  • CCT800: Allocation of C-L-IF-MILEST now possible at IP32
  • TEL: ICX-message to send DTMF-tones now functional for auto-dialer mode
  • VirtuoSIS: Audio setting of 3.5kHz now functional for 6T conference in combination with SIP-C/SIP-T
  • CNET: Fix compatibility issue with parallel CNET-W connections in certain combinations with LAN connections
Known Issues:
  • VirtuoSIS: PTT for SIP (Simplex conversation/conference) still requires to press * a second time in order to “release” the T-button
  • CCT800: Project tree view in license administration does not auto expand when using drag and drop
  • ComLOG: AutoScroll currently not functional

PRO800 Software Package
Release 2016-06-01

  • CCT800 Version 6.0
  • PRO800 Version 6.0
  • VirtuoSIS Version 6.0.0
  • NET/LAN Version 6.7
  • IP32 Version 6.3
  • SUB Version 4.4
  • IP Version 6.4
  • IF (Generation 2) Version 3.0
  • TEL Version 2.1
  • IAX Version 1.7
  • CNET Version 5.5

VirtuoSIS Template
Release 2016-06-01

  • VirtuoSIS_6.0.0.ova

Terminal Software Package

Release 2016-06-01

  • DSP800A Version 3.1
  • DSP800B Version 2.3
  • DSP900A Version 6.2
  • DSP900B Version 6.2
  • WS-TM Version 1.7
  • WS-CM Version 1.5
  • ET901 (Generation 2) Version 4.4
  • AF-D Version 2.0
  • AF-I Version 6.0

Related documents
Release 2016-06-01

  • PRO 800 6.0
  • PRO 800 New Features 6.0
  • ICX Protocol 6.0
  • VirtuoSIS-CCT 800 Config 6.0
  • VirtuoSIS-Installation 6.0
  • VirtuoSIS datasheet
  • Compatibility List GE800-GE300-IS300-V18-0516
  • PRO800 Software Package (Release Notes)
  • Terminals Software Package (Release Notes)

For more details on improvements and bug fixes please have a look at the related release notes.

Software and Release Notes are already published via cLibrary and website.

Download Software Packages at cLibrary Online

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Intercom Client for Windows 1.0.16
Posted by Matthew Kambic on 20 May 2016 09:52 PM
Intercom Client for Windows (ICfW) v1.0.16